Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What do you exactly do?

A1. Oh! I am asked this question all the time. I am an instructional designer, basically, someone who creates educational and training content. I’ve created learning materials for internal training for independent entrepreneurs, micro business, small, medium and large organizations. I’ve also created learning and instructional materials for educational programs, external training content for organizations and teams. I also consult regarding instructional design and e-learning solutions. I also coach individuals and teams to perform better.

Q2. Are you qualified to create instructional design content?

A2. Yes, my formal education and continuous professional training, along with my experience, qualifies me for these roles. My unique professional experience also enables me to create effective, engaging and appealing instructional design content and allows me to consult and coach better.

Q3. How do you create instructional content?

A3. I follow a step by step process, which I take all my clients through.

Q4. What instructional design solutions do you offer?

A4. I can offer complete end-to-end e-learning content for you from Analysis, Storyboarding, Design, Development, and Evaluation. I can also offer technical writing. If there is something on your mind, chances are I might be able to help you, so email me to check with me.

Q5. What software and strategies do you use to create eLearning content?

A5. I use a variety of software to create e-learning content for you. These include (but not limited to): Articulate Studio 13, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate 8, Camtasia 8, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint, and others. I am always eager to learn new software whenever required. I use the A2 model for instructional design, but I’ve used models like ADDIE, AGILE and SAM as well. I’ve also used strategies like storytelling, micro-learning, game-based learning, scenario-based learning and more, for creating instructional content.

Q6. How much do you charge for your services?

A6. It depends on the scope of work, the kind of service you want, the timeline involved in the project. You can write down your requirements in the service request form to get a quote from me. If all goes well and we work together on a project, I take 50% advance payment and the remaining 50% after first delivery.

Q7. I run a micro or an independent training business, can you still create content for me?

A7. Of course. I can create any kind of learning material or training content, whether it is meant for use within your company, or outside of it, for your customers.

Q8. Where are you located? Can you work with me or my organization even though we are in ____________?

A8. I am based out of Dubai, UAE, during the most of my year. I juggle between Adelaide and Mumbai as well. However, it doesn’t affect the quality of work or your project and even timelines. Managing a project in this virtual age is very easy and I am constantly connected with my clients unless otherwise specified. I promise to deliver work on time, with appeal and effectiveness, each time.

Q9. What is the best mode to connect with you?

A9. You can get in touch with me through email, LinkedIn, Facebook page, Twitter or even the contact form. I will respond to your request within 48 hours.