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Priyanka Chopra. Instructional Designer. Course Creator. Dubai. United Arab Emirates. Elearning. Training. Online Courses.Hello there! I am Priyanka Chopra.

I love creating learning and training solutions for different kinds of folks. Training, learning, and development need to lead to enhanced performance. I understand there are different ways of doing it. I help individuals or organizations to perform better through effective training, instructional content and learning solutions.

Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or a micro business owner, looking for enhancing performance at work; or you’re in a small, medium or large company, wanting to create internal training for employees or external learning/training content, for your clients or customers... I can help you from the start to the finish. No headaches, just pure and simple delivery, as per your requirement.

I've trained people, created training content, online courses, job aids, diagnostic assessments, and more to enhance performance.  You can read more about how I roll here.

Need to improve human performance, or training & learning solution?

I create effective, efficient and appealing, training and courses of different kinds.

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