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Priyanka Chopra. Instructional Designer. Course Creator. Dubai. United Arab Emirates. Elearning. Training. Online Courses. Hello there! I am Priyanka Chopra.

I love creating learning and training solutions for different kinds of folks. I do the work for you to identify any performance gaps; or assess the need for learning or training; or create learning courses that aid growth within your organization.

Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or a micro business owner, looking for creative courses to sell online; or you’re in a small, medium or even large company, wanting to create internal training for employees or external learning/training content, for your clients or customers... I can help you from the start to the finish. No headaches, just pure and simple delivery, as per your requirement.

I am a learning and performance consultant, basically, an instructional designer (instr... whattt?). I'll put it simply, this means, I create learning experiences. I am, your go-to person, if you want, beautiful and user-friendly, learning and training content.

I've created training materials, online courses, job aids, change management tools, diagnostic assessments, and more. I've been doing training design, e-learning and course creation for almost a decade now, which amounts to over 400 hours of learning content. You can read more about how I roll here.

Need content?

I create effective, efficient and appealing online courses for different kinds of people.

My Domain Skills

Data/Content Research
Technical Writing
Storyboarding and Scripting
Project Management

My Technical Skills

Articulate Studio '13
Articulate Storyline
Captivate 8
Learning Management Systems

Interested in creating learner-friendly courses? I personally email some short and fun goodies for you to use.