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Priyanka Chopra. Instructional Designer. Course Creator. Dubai. United Arab Emirates. Elearning. Training. Online Courses. Hello there! I am Priyanka Chopra.

I am an instructional designer (instr... whattt?... Well, I know, many haven't heard of this term. In fact, it was my very first lesson, when I started my Masters of Education in Instructional Systems Design, to describe to someone what instructional design means). I'll put it simply, this means, I am a course creator. I am, your go-to person, if you want, beautiful and user-friendly, learning and training content.

Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or a micro business owner, looking for creative courses to sell online; or you’re in a small, medium or even large company, wanting to create internal training for employees or external learning/training content, for your clients or customers... I can help you from the start to the finish. No headaches, just pure and simple delivery, as per your requirement.

If you need someone to create educational and training materials, such as online courses, worksheets, assessments, or more. You're in the right place! I've been doing training design, elearning and course creation for almost a decade now, which amount to over 400 hours of learning content. You can read more about how I roll here.

Need content?

I create effective, efficient and appealing online courses for different kinds of people.

My Domain Skills

Data/Content Research
Technical Writing
Storyboarding and Scripting
Project Management

My Technical Skills

Articulate Studio '13
Articulate Storyline
Captivate 8
Learning Management Systems

Interested in creating learner-friendly courses? I personally email some short and fun goodies for you to use.